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Kutcher’s Moore Jealousy

Kutcher’s Moore Jealousy


ASHTON KUTCHER refuses to watch his wife DEMI MOORE’s sex scenes on screen,
because he feels jealous seeing her with other men.

The actress has jumped into bed with countless Hollywood stars, all in the
name of art – including Woody Harrelson in Indecent Proposal, Rob Lowe in About
Last Night and Michael Douglas in Disclosure.

But Kutcher switches off when her sees her with another man.

He explains, “In real life, I’m not jealous. But I can’t cope with watching
her with another guy on film. As an actor, I know that any feelings you’re
showing are manufactured. But I still don’t want to fool my mind into thinking
she’s into another guy.”


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  1. *Twinkle* wrote: Hmmm.. but as an actor he of all people should know it’s just acting.. it just seems a bit odd to me.

  2. OCallyFaN80 wrote: I think I would feel the same, and possibly some of the actors out there as well. But he shouldn’t be jealous, since he really does have her forever and all that. =]

  3. samanthapayntr wrote: i think he should be a little jealous and possibly a little protective. i mean look what happened with Angelina Jolie and BRad Pitt, they were in a movie together where they had some steamy scenes, and all of a sudden, he’s leaving her for Angie. I’d probably stand at the sidelines while filming so as to keep an eye out, i bet if Jen had been there looking over things, she’d still have her man!


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