Earthquake Rocks Jurassic Park

A 5.4-scale earthquake in Los Angeles has closed JURASSIC PARK.

Universal Studios themepark bosses closed the popular water ride and their Mummy attraction shortly after the shaker struck on Tuesday morning (29Jul08). The park remains open.

Meanwhile, Disneyland bosses shut down all their attractions after the quake.

The rides will be re-opened following a widespread park inspection.

The epicentre of the quake was in Chino Hills, California – 30 miles outside Los Angeles. More than 30 aftershocks had been reported as FanBolt went to press.


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  1. Taminar wrote: 5.4 is not that far from 6.7, which is the rating of that deadly Northridge quake in 1994. I wonder if things will get quiet again after this or if it’s a precursor of things to come.

    It’s a bummer for people on vacation, though, that the rides were closed.

  2. xtremequeen wrote: Just glad that no one was hurt. It could have been much serious. Hopefully this isn’t leading up to another bigger quake.

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