Jealous Jonas Fans Target Lovato

Teen star DEMI LOVATO is the target of hate mail by jealous girl fans obsessed with her Disney co-stars THE JONAS BROTHERS.

The young actress has had to deal with the criticisms and cat-calling that come with being close to the teen heartthrobs, who she stars alongside in new Disney musical Camp Rock.

And Lovato wants to make it clear to the sibling trio’s adoring fans that she is not dating any of the brothers.

She says, “Imagine being new to Disney, and your first big job is being the romantic interest of one of the biggest heartthrobs on the channel. Any girl that is a friend of the Jonas Brothers gets hate mail and is automatically suspected as a girlfriend.

“‘Joe and I never dated. We’re really good friends. I just think it’s funny that people try to pin me to them. It’s like, Oh, come on! I think (if I were going to), I would have dated one of them by now!”


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  1. demi lovato fan wrote: I think you fans should back off and give demi some breathing space im a hugh jonas brothers fan but i dont hate demi i love her shes really cool so what if shes gets to hang with the jonas,s shes their friend jelousy doesnt look good on a lady if you lot were true jo bro fans you would see shes not a threat ok so they hug her and talk to her well tough shes their friend their not going to drop her just cos u haters dont like her so leave her alone . shes really cool give demi a chance and get over yourselves also.

  2. demifan wrote: people need to give demi a chance…and plus u dont even know da jobros….(even though im in love with them…haha)she is such an inspiration to all young girls who also have a dream….all u demi haters who r about to post some ugly fan mail…. think twice before u do it!! u never no whos gonna read it! WWJD?

  3. Lauren wrote: I totally agree with demifan and demi lovato fan. I am a big Jonas Brothers fan, but I don’t hate Demi. I love her. These girls need to chill out.

  4. DemiFan wrote: you fans better give Demi some chances to take her breathing space. let me tell you guys…ela não é uma ameaça! (she isn´t a threat) in portuguese. Of course, I am Brazilian. I don´t like to see idiots who would to try threaten demi from the Jonas Brother targer. Pelo amor dessa gaorta, Demi… só que ela gosta do joe como fossemos amigos.
    não só vim falando nesse caso de besteiras…
    we love demi no matter what. She is a delicate girl to conquist Miley´s world. We will crown Demi as “the 2nd princess of Disney Channel”after Selena Gomez