Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston Tweet About Alleged Break-Up

Official confirmation hasn’t been made just yet by either Miley Cyrus or Justin Gaston regarding the many reports of them breaking up, and it seems that both of them prefer to take it to their Twitter account to share their feelings. “Why does saying good-bye hurt so much,” the 16-year-old actress singer tweets. “Life will go on. you will smile again … we will smile again.”

As for Gaston, he writes, “Sleep just can’t find me tonight. I almost fell asleep. I think I did for like 10 seconds. Obviously it didn’t work out. How many tears are in* there? They’ve gotta run out soon right?” Despite the Twitter posts, neither Miley nor Justin has spilled the beans on what is really going on with their love relationship.

Amidst sketchy details on the nature of the twosome’s relationship, speculation has been mounting on the possible reasons that might ignite the split. Some people believe it is Miley’s close relationship with ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas that ruins her romance with Justin. Meanwhile, some others say it is Miley’s hectic schedule that makes it hard for her and Justin to get along very well.

Several sources have confirmed Miley and Justin have broken up, but representatives for both of them have no comment on the not-yet confirmed story.


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