‘Breaking Dawn’ Star Attacked At ‘Twilight’ Convention

Breaking Dawn actor Bronson Pelletier was attacked while attending a Twilight convention in the UK. The 28-year-old actor who plays Jared, a werewolf, in the series was jumped by four drunken men in the restroom in a Hilton hotel in Birmingham. It’s said that the attackers were attending a wedding which was also being held at the hotel at the same time as the Twilight fan convention.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Pelletier was head-butted by one of the men which resulted in a broken nose. All of the men were arrested by the police. Two were released and the other two were granted bail. Still no word on what sparked the attack.

Pelletier is currently working on Breaking Dawn which is filming in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We wish him all the best as he recovers!


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