Brooke Mueller Checks Back Into Sober Living House

Charlie Sheen’s soon-to-be ex-wife Broke Mueller has checked back into a sober living house – not surprising seeing as how Paris Hilton seems to be her new best friend.

Though Mueller spent Thanksgiving in a sober living facility, the celeb wife [for the moment] has been confirmed to have checked back in around 5 a.m. this past Saturday morning.

“She has battled with addiction for many years,” sources close to Mueller admits. “She didn’t use, she just felt weak and didn’t want to relapse. She said that the holidays are hard for her.”

Sources confirm that Mueller was struggling with her addiction and wanted to get counseling to work out her issues. She was also concerned with being able to see her children, who are staying with Mueller’s grandparents in the interim, during her stay there.

“Brooke checked in herself so she can leave and visit her children whenever she pleases,” a source said.

Ironically, before deciding to go back into treatment, Mueller dismissed her sober coach last week after deciding she was able to continue her road to sobriety without him. Even more ironic is that fact that before checking back in, Muelle was spotted alongside Paris Hilton [who has been confirmed to be starring alongside her in an upcoming reality show] partying with the coach!

“This isn’t something new, this is ongoing since her teens. She is very serious about this and wants to be the best mother to her children that she can be,” says a source.

Best wishes to her, let’s hope she doesn’t turn into a Lohan mess.


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