Ashton Kutcher: That Ain’t My Sex Tape

Prankster Ashton Kutcher is looking very serious these days. The actor has been accused of cheating on Demi, and now the supposed mistress is using his “good name” to promote her sex tape!

In fact, the video doesn’t even star Ashton. The video stars 21-year-old Brittany Jones [and her ex-boyfriend], who made headlines last month when she claimed in tabloid interviews that she had sex with Kutcher while his missus, Demi Moore, was out of town. The Hollywood hunk denied the allegation.

Team Ashton has fired off a cease-and-desist letter to Vivid Entertainment seeking to have his “good name” stripped from any promotional materials for a sex tape.

The official press release states:

“Vivid has obtained never-before-released footage that shows Brittney engaged in very explicit, uninhibited sex with a former boyfriend. Ashton’s fans will undoubtedly enjoy seeing what the star himself may have experienced, in this exclusive video.”

Ashton’s legal team struck back quickly after the released, releasing their own statement, saying:

“It is clear that the use of our client’s name is the principal selling point of the video, and that Mr. Kutcher’s name is being used to lure potential customers to buy the Video and other merchandise which you sell,” the letter stated, adding that Vivid is “trading on Mr. Kutcher’s good name and reputation for a commercial purpose” and trying to “misappropriate and convert the potential economic value in Mr. Kutcher’s identity.”

California has laws protecting celebs’ “right to publicity,” and Kutcher could sue if Vivid refuses to cooperate.

How do you feel about this Kutcher fans? If he isn’t in the tape, why involve him at all, right? Do you even believe Kutcher, who is married to one of Hollywood’s finest women, would even cheat with Jones? Weigh in!


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