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Charlie Sheen: From 1.2 To 5 Million?

Charlie Sheen: From 1.2 To 5 Million?


With CBS’s Two And A Half Men, which earned Charlie Sheen a cool 1.2. million an episode, shutting down production for the season, rumors have begun to surface that the actor may be heading to HBO for a whopping 3.8 million more per episode.

So is this rumor true? And exactly how did it began to surface [considering that it is now on almost every celebrity and television news site on the net]?

Well, fans who are hoping that Sheen takes this time to head to a rehab and recovery center can rest assured that this rumor is false! And as for who began the rumor, that would be the Sheenster himself.

After claiming that more dough may be on the horizon, a text message confirmed to be sent from Sheen to one of Radar Online’s team members swiftly surfaced quoting him saying that he was “close to securing a deal” with HBO for a 10-episode, half-hour show called Sheen’s Corner, for which he would earn $5 million an episode. “It will be epic, all types of guests and we will focus on the truth and the absurd!” a portion of the text read.

An HBO rep is now speaking out to confirm that there is “no truth” to Sheen’s claim and that the show had only been “merely suggested” by the actor himself at one point.

And as for the remaining episodes axed by CBS of Two And A Half Me after Sheen not only called the show’s creator Chuck Lorre a “clown” and a “charlatan,” but also made derogatory statements about some of the women in his life (they’re “turds”), Alcoholics Anonymous (it’s a “bootleg cult”) and Thomas Jefferson (“He was a p—-“) on the Alex Jones Show radio program, well, let’s just say he won’t be receiving a cool 4+ million dollar paycheck for his work on those four [episodes].

With his love, business, and private lives all coming to a boiling point, it seems the only work Sheen should be doing at the moment is on himself. Can he pull himself out of this dark hold addiction has on his life as Colin Farrell did? Or is it too late for the Sheenster?


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