Breaking Dawn Star Taylor Lautner Has Date Night With Lilly Collin

Breaking Dawn star Taylor Lautner has been receiving regular visits on set from his rumored girlfriend Lily Collins, daughter of Phil Collins. The couple have been spotted out and about in Squamish, the town closest to the Breaking Dawn set.

So where was the last spotting? The Twilight hunk was spotted going into Subway with Collins. He bought her a chicken salad sandwich, while about 15 fans were eagerly asking for photos and autographs. Once he finished ordering for Collins, he graciously posed for photos with fans and signed a few autographs.

According to some of those fans on site, you could definitely tell they were dating because… “They were standing really close.” said one of the sources.

Hm.. we’re not sure standing really close means that they are dating, but then this isn’t the first time Collins has been to the Breaking Dawn set. Last November, we reported that Lautner had met Collin’s father, Phil Collins. Since then numerous publications and sources have claimed that the Breaking Dawn star has been linked with Collins since they filmed their upcoming thriller Abduction (Which is slated for a September 2011 release).

What do you think? Are the two dating? Are just good friends? Sound off with your thoughts below!


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  1. Yeah they’re dating! I have a few friends who do some traveling yet I don’t go following them wherever they may be going to nor do I hang on to them any spare time they may have so of course they’re in a dating relationship!!

  2. Yeah in most cases if you travel to see someone, you’re either related or dating. 🙂 haha I think that’s a pretty fair statement.

  3. Umm seeing they have a movie coming out in September of this year I would call it more or less a publicity stunt…theyre hanging out to get people to pay attention to them to plug their film and have people interested in seeing it. People love to see real life flames on screen together….Like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart…doubt very much theyre dating but it definitley is pulling in the Twilight fans and making them want to see more and more of Edward and Bella because of a so called “real life” romance. I doubt very much these two are dating!!