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Home Entertainment Xbox Live Review: Bastion
Xbox Live Review: Bastion

Xbox Live Review: Bastion


Bastion is an awesome arcade experience that everyone needs to jump into!

One of the first things you will notice about Bastion is the story telling. As you play the game the story will be told by the narrator describing the action of your character. The narrator is one of the other characters in the game and thank goodness he doesn’t have an annoying voice. How the story goes involves a great calamity and it is now up to you to rebuild your home. You will set out on quests in search for core’s that will help you in your quest to restore the Bastion.

The story in Bastion is enjoyable, however there where a few times that I had trouble following the narrator when he was talking during battles. I was focusing on fighting instead of what he was saying. You can also turn subtitles on which might help some people, however, when in battle you probably aren’t going to notice it.

Bastion is an action-rpg with smooth gameplay and a nice variety of weapons for you to choose from and upgrade. You can equip yourself with 2 weapons at a time as well as a special weapon such as mines, grenades, and other special abilities. I ended up enjoying the use of many of the weapons. There where multiple times in the game where I felt that the two weapons I was using would be the two I played with for the rest of the game. That wasn’t the case though. Not only do the weapons get better as you continue in the story, but are even more useful in certain conditions in later levels.

The game plays very well and the action is good. It may take you a minute to get use to the controls though. There are a good variety of enemies which are challenging in their own ways. It can be a pretty difficult game at times, while at other times you’ll just stroll right through.

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