PSP Review: Lord of Arcana

Lord of Arcana is an action-RPG game in which you play as a warrior who sets out on quests to collect the Arcana stones in order to regain your memory and power. You start out by customizing your character and I must say, I wasn’t fully satisfied with my amount of options.

The whole idea of Lord of Arcana is to set out on quests to complete. You will join a guild which will provide you with quest after quest of either collecting items or killing enemies. The quests range from being pretty fun to fairly boring. It still has a good mix though and you will appreciate the fun quests even more so when they come up. There was one time at the beginning when I wanted something more interesting to do and saw this big monster stomping around and I just had to go and fight him. Yeah well, clearly I wasn’t ready as I got completely destroyed. So, do be a little patient with the game.

However, when dealing with the main quests that you will find in the temple, they’ll be much more entertaining, and facing the high end monsters are fantastic. There is even some interesting aspects in the gameplay when facing some monsters that makes it more enjoyable. Sometimes though, that won’t always be the case as you can get stuck into some pretty frustrating situations that you will need to work yourself out of when facing certain monsters.

Lord of Arcana will present you with many hours of gameplay, from being able to level up your character and collecting many items, to creating and building your weapons, armor, orbs and cards. There are a lot of options for you to complete here and you shouldn’t get to bored, plus, it’ll help make the random quests worth it just so you can get back to see what items you can upgrade or build next.

The controls take some time getting use to and the camera is controlled by tapping the L button to face the direction your character is moving towards. When in battle you will need to hold the L button to lock onto targets to make the fighting easier. It doesn’t feel the smoothest but it does the job. The battles handle well enough when locked on and you will be able to form a good strategy on how you will want to handle certain enemies.

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