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Home Entertainment Pilotwings Resort Review: A Wonderful Way To Fly!
Pilotwings Resort Review: A Wonderful Way To Fly!

Pilotwings Resort Review: A Wonderful Way To Fly!


Pilotwings Resort Review

Pilotwings 64 was easily one of my all time favorite games as I spent hours just flying around in that title. At long last I finally got my hands on Pilotwings Resort for the 3DS and it most certainly recaptures that same enjoyment I had with Pilotwings 64.

In Pilotwings Resort you will start out getting your member card for the Wuhu Island Sky Club. From here you will use your Mii character to pilot different aircraft in mission flight mode or free flight mode. Mission flight mode is your regular gameplay mode with more than 40 missions for you to take part in. Free flight mode lets you choose what aircraft you would like to use to randomly explore the island and while you do so there are still extras for you to collect.

You start out with your 3 basic aircraft being the plane, jet pack and glider. There is also additional aircraft for you to unlock. You start out Mission Flight mode by only being able to play the Training missions. Once you beat each mission with the required amount of stars you will be able to unlock the next batch of missions in the next stage. You have Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum stages as you make your way to each stage of difficulty. The challenges certainly get much more difficult as you work your way through each stage.

As you play through each mission you are rated by a number of things, such as flying through rings, accuracy, landing and so on. You get a number of points for each one you do and by how well you do it. After the mission it will add up your points and then it rates you by giving you either 1 star, 2 stars or 3 stars. It is best to get the 3 stars as you will want to perfect each stage so you can move on to the next stage. It will also outline the 3 stars if you finish the mission with a perfect score.

The gameplay handles very well with a slight learning curve to each of the aircraft you will pilot. Once you get it down it can be very enjoyable and all kinds of fun. I sometimes still have difficulties performing smooth turns with the plane, but I must say after being so horrible at the glider missions on the N64 version that I finally have learned how to handle the glider much better in Pilotwings Resort. I still often find myself questioning why I didn’t get a perfect landing on a few occasions due to me having the most beautiful landing ever! I question it in good humor , as I don’t mind it and don’t mind going back to try it again.

Visually the game looks great in both regular and 3D views. The island is great to fly around and you have the opportunity to check out all it has to offer. It’s also a real treat to view the island at different times of the day later in the game. In regards to the 3D mode, it needs to be said that it was somewhat bothersome at times. So I had to switch and play in regular mode once in awhile.

This is easily a must own title on the 3DS, as it is a perfect pick up and play title for when you have an hour or just a few minutes. The missions are fairly average at first, but get much better, more entertaining and difficult the further you get in the game. You will want to go back time and time again to try and better your scores. You will also have a free flight mode for even more to do! Finally, it also has material to unlock which will give you even more gaming fun!

Score: 9/10



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