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Home Entertainment Frogger 3D Review: Run little Frogger, Run!
Frogger 3D Review: Run little Frogger, Run!

Frogger 3D Review: Run little Frogger, Run!


Frogger 3D Review

Run little Frogger, run!

I think I may have played Frogger once or twice back in the day but I can’t be certain. However, I’ve now had the opportunity to go through Frogger 3D on the Nintendo 3DS and while its controls are so very simple I did have a good and challenging time playing through it.

Frogger 3D comes at you with a single player mode which takes you on a world tour in many different types of terrain for you to jump your way through. Each world has a number of different stages within it for you to complete and at the end of each stage you will have a “boss” type stage. Some of the levels are down right fun and challenging in many ways, especially as you go through each world with it’s different terrain. It can go from an easy level to a particularly hard level and still remain fun. However, there are of course, some levels that end up driving you a little crazy as the difficulty increases and the frustration level sets in. You will also have levels that are to easy which you can’t complain about to much as you get to move on, but it does make you wonder if you missed something. When mentioning the boss levels at the end of each world, I will say I enjoyed a few of them while others weren’t particularly great but each provided the player with a new style, which was fun.

Within each stage you will have to reach the end goal. Each stage has 3 different end goals in which you have to complete before you get to move on to the next stage. There will be moments when you will have a special end stage goal which takes you to a different stage in the world. Also, each stage has a number of coins for you to collect which drives up the difficulty. You don’t need to get the coins as you can go straight for the end goal but by grabbing the coins you get a higher score. In addition, there are modes for you to unlock within the game by using your collected coins. You can also earn special achievements as you play through the game by meeting certain conditions. As you unlock these achievements they will add up in number and unlock concept art in the options area of the main menu. I don’t know how some of you feel about concept art but it has some pretty nice 3D images for you to view in that gallery.

Once again, each stage is designed fairly well though some not so great. The stages take on the theme of the “world” you are currently playing in which it does have good variety. There are times where you will have to take a good look at the map and think about what it is you will need to do. There are other times where you will just start jumping towards the goal. Frogger 3D does introduce some good aspects that add to the challenge of the gameplay. So it’s not just about jumping to miss cars but jumping to miss all kinds of different things. In addition, you even have a selection of bigger frogs to jump on and control that help with the stage you are playing in and help you to reach your goal.

Visually the game looks pretty good and I absolutely enjoy playing it in 3D as it looks great that way. It even has some nice effects going for it for when you are not so lucky. The soundtrack is also a fairly enjoyable one to play along to and each world has its own track.

I did have a good time playing through Frogger 3D and it is a game I would recommend you checking out for your 3DS. It does have its frustrating moments. There are levels that seemed to be poorly designed and have a lack of effort as well as levels designed to purely annoy you. Such as in some cases you have to be quick and perfect with each jump. However, it still has plenty of fun moments and it’s a title you can easily pick up and play a few rounds to enjoy. Plus, it looks great in 3D, has plenty to unlock including different modes, it supports local wireless and street pass, as well as having a classic Frogger to play.

Score: 7/10



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