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Home Entertainment Trine 2 Review: Wonderful Eye Candy Throughout This Fairy Tale
Trine 2 Review: Wonderful Eye Candy Throughout This Fairy Tale

Trine 2 Review: Wonderful Eye Candy Throughout This Fairy Tale


Trine 2 Review

One of the first things you will notice in Trine 2 is its lovely visuals and beautiful colors throughout for you to take in and fully enjoy throughout your journey. The game is presented to you in a “story telling” fashion that makes you feel as if you are apart of a fairy tale journey.

Throughout the game you will be playing with 3 characters in which you can switch to at any time so that you may use each of their special abilities to get through each area. You will be able to use abilities such as attacking and blocking with one character. Distant shooting with a bow and arrow with the ability to swing with a rope across the top of the trees with another. The third ability allows you to use magic to move certain items and create other items to move into various places. They do a wonderful job of working all of these abilities into the game that it makes it fun to play. You’ll have moments where you are trying to figure out how to get past certain locations, and then other moments where you will have bad guys come out – and you’ll need to get your warrior to hack and slash them away. Those hack and slash moments feel even more fun and rewarding after getting past obstacles beforehand using the other characters and their abilities. Each level is really well designed, fun to figure out and all aspects of the game really compliment each other.

As you progress in the game you will also be able to level up each character by adding to their abilities and what they can do. Such as getting different styles of weapons or multiple items that you will be able to create and work with. There is so much to really like about this game that it will keep you engaged in the game play right through the end. Visually it looks wonderful with beautiful art style and vibrant colors that you will have you enjoying the eye candy throughout the game. It also has very nice melodies to go along with the games fairy tale charm that it presents you with.

Trine 2 is another easy recommendation of which you need to make sure and give a try. It has just enough of everything to make a lot of people happy. From its puzzle solving obstacles to get your way through to its hacking and slashing of enemies in which the combat handles very well. Its fairy tale story telling is also fun to follow along with and I think it would be hard for anyone not to enjoy. Check this title out immediately as I would expect it to be an easy purchase and one you will find to be most certainly worth the purchase.

Score: 4/5

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  1. I love the old-school approach and colorful pc games (at least somewhat high-profile ones) are far and few between. Not sure whether to get this or Trine 1 first..


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