Jelly Pops Review: A Must Have For Your iOS Device

Jelly Pops Review

Jelly Pops
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
App Store

Opening Statement

There are a lot of different ways for you to enjoy this fun and addicting arcade title.

About the game

Jelly Pops is a side scrolling game where you play as a snake and it’s your job to eat up gems to gain a higher score. You will also have a time limit to face where you have to make sure and collect as many time gems also. In doing so you will increase your time and help yourself get a better score.

Now one of the neat things about each level is that they all play a bit differently. During every level your goal will be to build a high score, but the rules will change and the obstacles will differ. For example, in the first level you can speed yourself through the first few stages of the level as long as you gather the time gems. On another stage, if you don’t collect the ring gems in addition to the time gems you won’t get far at all before the time meter runs out. So it presents you with many different game types. In total there are 8 levels for you to play in and each level has 7 items to unlock. You will be able to see what items you need to unlock and have already unlocked in the level selection screen.

Jelly Pops also features achievements and has online leaderboards for you to compete on. In this case, you will find yourself having a lot of fun with the online leaderboards as the scoring system in this game is very good and a lot of fun to compete with. It gets tough fast, but if you put a good run together you’ll end up with a very nice score to challenge others and your friends with.

Game play – Controls

The gameplay is quite fun as you will have the default controls of tilting the screen which I must say works best in my opinion. You can choose virtual analog but it’s not the greatest way to enjoy the game from my experience. As you tilt the screen you will still be able to touch the screen in order to boost your snake to go faster through the levels. That is one of the unlockables that you will need to earn though. It has simple and smooth gameplay and it certainly provides with a good challenge that I am confident that a lot of people would enjoy.

Enjoyment Level – Fun Factor – Final Notes

I had a lovely time with this title as it’s a lot of fun to play. It has very colorful visuals for you to enjoy as you play through and the sound is very nice as well. It will keep you busy playing through each level and competing on the leaderboards, which all provides for a good amount of fun. I addition, you should know that you will need to earn a specific number of medals before you are able to move on to the next levels. All in all, this is a fun and addictive title that I easily recommend you owning on your iOS device.

Score: 4.5/5


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  1. This could be fun. I love the colors which make it lively. The idea that the levels all require different things to complete them, makes it much more appealing than I expected it to be. I’ll be checking this one out.