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Home Entertainment FIFA Soccer Review: The Best Soccer Game We’ve Seen on a Handheld
FIFA Soccer Review: The Best Soccer Game We’ve Seen on a Handheld

FIFA Soccer Review: The Best Soccer Game We’ve Seen on a Handheld


FIFA Soccer Review

PlayStation Vita

Opening Statement

The best soccer game is now the best soccer game on the PlayStation Vita! It’s the console version that we’ve always wanted on a handheld system.

About The Game

FIFA Soccer for the PlayStation Vita is simply the best handheld soccer game we have seen yet. Now for those of us who are on the go more than we are at home and want a great soccer experience on a handheld, FIFA Soccer is exactly that! It is just like the console version except for a few additions to the gameplay that fit the PlayStation Vita.
To recap for those who don’t know, FIFA Soccer has all the same modes we love from the full in depth career mode, be a pro, tournament mode and head to head online.

Game play – AI – Controls

The gameplay in FIFA Soccer is certainly excellent and feels, oh so good. It’s the smoothest and most fun soccer game I have ever played. Now when it comes to the Vita, it is exactly the same situation with both front and back touch screen to play around with. You can use the touch screen to pass and shoot, or for some of us, you can turn the touch screen off and not worry about that at all.

For those of you who want to use both the front and back touch screen, let me get right to the point and tell you that it is a lot of fun to use. The front touch screen is the part I rarely used and I think that will be true of a lot of people as well. It’s not bad, but it does come off as slightly awkward unless you want to use it to do free kicks. It’s just to difficult to use the controls as well as the front touch screen to play. At least without editing the control layout. However, the exception is when it comes to the free kicks. This is something that you will have a great time with. You will swipe the screen to aim and curl the shot on goal. You will probably spend a lot of time in the practice arena working on it, but you’ll enjoy it a lot. It makes taking free kicks that much more enjoyable and gives you a lot more control over how you want to kick the ball.

Now, the back touch screen does come off as a lot of fun to use while playing and it’s much easier as well. You will use the back touch screen to shoot on goal. If you want to shoot at the left side of the goal you will tap the left side of the back touch screen and the same goes for the right side. This is how I prefer to play now as it works really well and is fun to use while in the moment. I think a lot of people will enjoy at least trying out the back touch screen to shoot. My only issue is that I have slightly bigger hands and the back touch screen can be a little sensitive at times. You will have to work on how you hold the Vita in order to make sure you don’t accidently shoot on goal when you don’t intend to. Other than that I think it’s a great way to play the game. It’s even more fun and makes taking penalty kicks that much better and with more accuracy.

Sound – Graphics

It features the same soundtrack that the console version does which is a nice selection of songs. I wish that there were a few more though, but that’s ok. Commentary is still very good, though repetitive after awhile. Visually the game looks fantastic on the Vita and that’s enough said.

Online – Multiplayer

FIFA Soccer on the Vita handles wonderfully when playing online. I’ve already had many great online matches against others. I get a lot more excitement from playing online, especially when it comes to trying the touch screen free kicks online to show your skill. I haven’t done it yet but I was very close in my last attempt. Those who love online play are going to be extremely satisfied by this title online with the Vita.

Enjoyment Level – Fun Factor – Final Notes

I absolutely loved the console version of FIFA 12 and thought it to be one of the best soccer titles yet. However, I didn’t know that I was going to end up loving the Vita version the most. Really, the biggest reason why is the touch screen controls and what they bring to the already great gameplay. It makes the game that much more enjoyable to play and you’ll have a blast at attempting the free kicks and penalty kicks. Plus, your overall shot accuracy improves with the touch screen. It really is that much more enjoyable.

For those of you who have the console version of FIFA 12 and you are passing on getting FIFA Soccer for the Vita, I would strongly recommend you reconsider. If what I have to say about the touch screen interests you in the slightest, then you owe it to yourself to check out this version of FIFA. You won’t be disappointed at all with what they have done with this version. This is a must own title for any soccer fan or anyone with interest in a soccer game. It will keep you entertained for a very long time.

Score: 9.5/10

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  1. I suppose I can’t say for sure, nor do I see any official info which says that it is one way or the other. My experience with the game says that it plays more like 12 than 11. My defending is suspect, which is how 12 has been for me, it’s not as easy like 11 was.


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