The Daily Verse: Rock Bland Blitz, Possible Sonic Reboot, Sonic’s Co-Creator joins Nintendo, And More

We have some interesting news for today, including info on a certain rumor on a possible Sonic reboot and an interesting job offer for a co-creator of Sonic. Head on down for all your gaming news, in todays ‘verse!

Rock Band Blits
Harmonix has announced a new downloadable Rock Band game for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. The game comes with about 25 titles, but you can already use your existing Rock Band library to play any song on this download game. You should be rocking out to this title by the end of the summer.

Rumor – Sonic brand in for major reboot, may go the Skylanders route
A new rumor has appeared on the internet lately of a reboot for Sonic soon. Apparently Sonic himself, as well as the speed, platforming and surreal environment is here to say. But everything else is up in the air. They are considering making Sonic a open world type of game. Sega is apparently very impressed and inspired by the Skylander’s success.

Sonic the Hedgehog co-creator joins Nintendo
It has recently been confirmed by both Nintendo and Hirokazu Yasuhara that he is now working for Nintendo of America. Some of his past works other then being involved with the early Sonic games include working with Naughty Dog and Namco Bandai His exact role in his new job is not yet known, but is currently working for NST (Nintendo Software Technology), a division in America that is known as such titles as Mario vs Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem and Metroid Prime Hunters for DS.

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