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Home Entertainment Shoot Many Robots Review: A Fun Way To Shoot Robots
Shoot Many Robots Review: A Fun Way To Shoot Robots

Shoot Many Robots Review: A Fun Way To Shoot Robots


Shoot Many Robots Review

Shoot Many Robots
Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network
Action, Shooter

Shoot Many Robots is a side scrolling action shooter available on the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. Shoot Many Robots has an interesting tone to the game as the main character is a hillbilly and you use his RV in a sort to get from level to level. Also within the RV is where you buy all of your weapon upgrades and such. These upgrades that you can purchase are of a rather interesting choice in style, and pretty much straight up fun and goofy looking.

The missions of course have many robots to shoot and there are many different types of robots. Some are stronger than others and there are even some that are a lot more difficult to deal with. You come equipped with two different types of weapons, your main gun and then one that packs a punch. There are a number of weapons to choose from and upgrade to, and you can also purchase additional items for your character as well, such as a jetpack and other accessories that improve your character. The missions can be challenging and especially so when you are dealing with the “survive” missions where you have to deal with wave after wave of robots. I also must say that some of the boss fights are pretty entertaining and fun to duke it out with. I think the bosses are fairly well designed and something you will enjoy.

One negative thing about the missions is that at times they can feel a little bit long and can lack excitement. For the most part though it’s not bad at all to make your way through each level and some are certainly more fun than the others. You also have some that are designed a little bit better than the others in terms of being more of a challenge which makes it more interesting. This game can get really difficult. Thankfully if you find yourself in a jam, you have some special juice that you can take to increase your health when it starts to get low. That’s also another nice thing about some of the upgrades as some allow you to carry more containers of the recovery drink.

Overall, the game can be rather entertaining with its theme. The controls are fairly simple to get down and it can be a lot of fun using the different style of weapons to blast your way through many robots. All of the character upgrades that you can get also provide for a more enjoyable time as they can increase your skill in a number of different ways from speed, damage, health and more. The game also features co-op play with up to three of your friends. I do have to say that I bet this would be the type of game you would enjoy a lot more with your friends while playing co-op instead of going through single player. I am not saying you won’t enjoy single player because it still is rather fun at times, but co-op with friends always seems to provide for a more enjoyable experience.

If you are a fan of this type of action/shooter then I can see you having a good time going through it. For those who enjoy a good challenge and getting higher scores, it features online leaderboards for you to attempt to make your way up to the top. Visually the game is very average and doesn’t provide you with much of anything that comes across as special. The soundtrack fits the theme of the game well but still isn’t that great. I did enjoy my time with this title outside of a few instances where I got a little tired of it and it caused the current level to feel long and not to exciting. Besides that it’s not too bad of a game and one that should be looked into.

Score: 7/10

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