The Daily Verse: Sonic 4, GRFS Launch, Heroes of Ruin and Arkham DLC Trailers, Plus More!

We’ve got some screenshots to go with this week’s Soul Sacrifice Trailer. The trailer was very obscure, but the images below should clear things up a bit, in regards to what the game will look like. We’ve also got a wagonload of trailers, including a launch one for GRFS and Sonic 4 and one for the new Arkham City DLC which centers around Harley Quinn. As if that weren’t enough, we’ve go a multiplayer trailer for Heroes of Ruin as well. Click play and watch away!

Batman Arkham City – Harley Teaser Trailer

Sonic 4 Episode 2 Boss Trailer

New Soul Sacrifice Images Clear Things Up

Heroes of Ruin: Multiplayer Trailer

Ghost Recon Future Soldier: Launch Trailer

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