A Quick and Easy Gamer’s Gift Guide

A Quick and Easy Gamer’s Gift Guide

This has been, once again, a fun year for games and we would like to point out some of the more recent and impressive titles that we think would be a great gift to add under your Christmas tree.


PlayStation Vita

This is a great year to be a Sony PlayStation fan. The PlayStation Vita released and would make an excellent gift, especially if you add a PlayStation Plus subscription along with it. With PlayStation Plus you will be able to download six full games for the PlayStation Vita and each of the six games are highly recommendable. This includes Uncharted: The Golden Abyss and WipEout 2048.

A perfect bundle for that would be the newly announced PlayStation Plus Bundle which includes 3G and is priced at $299.99. But you can always get one of the other bundles at $249.99 and purchase a $49.99 PlayStation Plus subscription to go along with that.

Recommendable PlayStation Vita Games-


LittleBigPlanet Vita

“Bottom line, Littlebigplanet Vita is huge. From the story mode, to the minigames, to the online versus modes, to the user created content, Littlebigplanet Vita has it all. It is just as good- and I contend better- than its console counterparts. And it is without a doubt the main contender for Vita game of the year. Buy it. Buy it now.”


Lumines Electronic Symphony

“Lumines: Electronic Symphony draws you in right away with a great magical feeling. The menu music is captivating. It makes you feel as if you are about to play something truly great. Lumines truly offers-up a wonderful soundtrack for you throughout the many different “skins” that you play through. The music really makes the overall experience much more enjoyable.”


Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

“Bottom line, these games are incredible. Metal Gear Solid first-timers and seasoned veterans alike owe it to themselves to play these updated versions of the games, and I cannot recommend getting one or both versions of the HD Collection any more highly.”


Persona 4 Golden

Review Coming Soon…


PlayStation 3

Now let’s turn our attention to the PlayStation 3. It’s a good year for those who are new to the PlayStation 3 and if that is the case for you then now is a fantastic time to purchase one. There are a plethora of games including all of the Sony Collections that have released this year; collections that feature every game from Sony’s biggest titles like God of War, inFAMOUS, Ratchet and Clank, and Killzone.

I would also recommend the PlayStation 3D Display which is a 24in TV that will play certain PlayStation games in 3D. Also, you’ll be able to watch 3D movies on the 3D Display such as Avatar 3D and I, Robot 3D.


PlayStation 3D Display Article


Recommendable PlayStation 3 Games-


Sorcery (PlayStation Move Required)

“Sorcery is an awesome game that is a lot of fun to play right from the start and all the way up until the end.  The length of the game is just right as well and it doesn’t drag on.  I enjoyed this game so much that I could easily see myself playing it again sometime soon. The story is a good one that is well told, and the music that is featured throughout is perfect for this game.  I really enjoyed my time playing through this title, casting spells, creating new potions and fighting each enemy.  If you have PlayStation Move then you must have Sorcery, it’s as simple as that!”


PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale

“PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale wants to stand on its own two feet. Like all games, it owes its existence to the games that came before it. But fortunately for us, it is not a mere carbon copy of any one game. It is more of a conglomeration of elements from several fighting games that has been twisted into something new and unique. It is a satisfyingly deep fighting game, and one that will hopefully be enjoyed by not only PlayStation fans, but fighting game fans as well.”


Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition

“Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition is a fantastic shoot-em up title to own. Everyone who likes shooters should take a look at this game because it’s absolutely beautiful looking and has nice music to accompany it. Also, the Deluxe Edition comes with the soundtrack and at $29.99 that is a lovely deal for a shooter. This game is a lot of fun to play and has great replay value to go along with it, even if you aren’t the biggest high score seeker.”


Journey: Collector’s Edition



It’s a great year to go with Nintendo as the new Nintendo Wii U console is now available and highly recommended for a lot of fun. Also, there is the 3DS XL that released giving a bigger 3DS experience in your hands.


Recommendable 3DS Games-

Kid Icarus: Uprising

“This is easily one of the most polarizing games for the 3DS, thanks to the control scheme. But with the deep multiplayer and weapon customization, it’s also a game with massive replay value. Add in the massive collections, huge skill variation that’s available for every level, AR card collecting, level exploration, and need to replay levels many times over in search of those hard to get items & doors, and you’ve got what should be a major contender for handheld Game of the Year.”


Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Review Coming Soon…


Resident Evil: Revelations

“In the end I can very much recommend Resident Evil: Revelations to all who are looking for a great action/horror game and/or a fun arcade style game for their Nintendo 3DS. The main story will last you around 15 to 20 hours and with the addition of raid mode it will easily give you 20+ hours of action pack arcade fun. This is literally two games in one for the price of one and a worthy addition to everyone’s game library.”


Recommendable Wii U Games-

New Super Mario Bros. U

“This is a game that you need to pick up. Not only does the gameplay hold up to the great Mario classics, it also looks and sounds great. With all the worlds, challenges, and after-game levels to finish, there is much to do to keep your interest with the game for a good long while. This is a great game to launch alongside Nintendo’s brand new system that everyone will be able to enjoy. The ability to play the game on the gamepad alone makes for a very useful and awesome feature to behold. In case you haven’t picked up my feeling about this game, I very much recommend getting this game as soon as possible.”



Review Coming Soon…


The Last Story (Wii)

“If you enjoy RPGs with a great emphasis on the story, this game is very much for you. The game will last you a good 25 hours, but the fun doesn’t end there. The quality of the New Game Plus also happens to greatly extend and enhance the game. This is one game that shouldn’t be missed out on.”





Forza Horizon

“Forza Horizon is a great addition to the Forza Motorsport series as it takes the series in a different direction, but stays true to the fine driving performance that we all come to expect out of our cars. It puts you in a fun atmosphere with great music and beautiful scenery that everyone will enjoy.  If you are a Forza fan and worried about where this game has taken your beloved series, do not worry one bit, this is a welcomed experience that Forza fans and all racing fans will fall in love with.”


Halo 4

 “So I have to say, that while I was reticent about another game in the franchise. I am glad that the series will continue in the right hands. Halo 4 is everything it needed to be to keep the series alive, and gives us hope for what we know is the inevitable Halo 5. In the meantime, the Halo 4 story continues to evolve weekly via Multiplayer and especially Spartan Ops, which add a new story to the series every week. The future or the Halo franchise certainly looks bright, and I can definitely say it’s a great time to be a Halo fan.”


Multiplatform Games


XCOM: Enemy Unknown

“This is a game that will eat up many hours of your time, especially if you are not successful during your first mission or two. Once you beat the game you will easily want to play it again, and again. You’ll probably even want to challenge yourself with the highest difficulty level and see how far you can get. Also, you’ll be able to take the fight online against friends and use a team of both soldiers and aliens equipped with whatever weapons you can afford. Even with its small issues here and there, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is the best game I’ve played so far this year. 

It’s the perfect gamer’s game.”


Assassin’s Creed III

“I was extremely excited about the release of this game and now that I have played it, I am not disappointed at all. Assassin’s Creed III has a truly beautiful world that provides you with a fantastic experience.”


Borderlands 2

“At its core, Borderlands 2 features the same comedy you would expect with the situations and characters. It even creates a much wackier and fun experience… and should I say it again? Yes – it makes it that much better than before. Obviously the previous Borderlands had its classic moments, but this time around, Borderlands 2 does everything right. Enough of my chatter, this is a game everyone should check out unless you hated the way the first one played.”



“I can’t see anyone being disappointed with this game. It’s fun, smooth, and easy to manage and it helps with the sensation of making you feel like a master assassin in a setting that is very unique and intriguing. This game will have you interested from start to finish and you shouldn’t pass it up.”


Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

“Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is an incredible joy to play and brings some exciting and transforming gameplay that everyone can fall in love with. It really is the tracks that completely won me over in this game. They did an excellent job in creating them and give you a good feel to the gameplay to go along with each track. Whether you are racing, drifting, or going after record times, there is a lot to keep you busy and well-entertained for a long time. Sega fans will be in love and racing fans will have a great time.”


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

“Overall, no matter what game mode you enjoy the most, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, brings forth another great and well-polished multiplayer experience for you to spend countless hours in and enjoy every moment of it.”


Darksiders II

“Darksiders II is simply a must own title. It hits the right spot with the most important factor of any game which is the gameplay. It has an enjoyable story and a great setting in which the game takes place, a fun sense of adventure, and of course great action. It has its moments visually and as I said before, the soundtrack is absolutely wonderful and enhances the setting of the game even further.”



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