Call of Duty: Black Ops II’s Revolution DLC Impressions

Call of Duty: Black Ops II‘s Revolution DLC Impressions

At long last, Call of Duty: Black Ops II‘s first DLC pack has arrived on Playstation Network. Whereas map packs in the old days included, well, nothing but map packs, Treyarch is looking to diversify the DLC experience and give players more than one good reason to dig in. Modern Warfare 3 players will find the suite comparable to the DLC that included both map packs and spec ops missions; the Revolution DLC includes four new multiplayer maps, a new multiplayer weapon, a new map for Zombies mode, and a brand new mode for Zombies called “Turned”.

Unexpectedly, the new Zombies mode, “Turned”, is absolutely the highlight of the package. The mode is a free-for all party game for four players. The four players spawn as zombies, and must scour the tiny map’s diner and garage for “the cure”. The cured player will then turn into a human, and will cycle through weapons with each zombie kill (just like gun game). If the human player is devoured, the devourer becomes “cured”, and assumes the place of the previous human. The longer a player continues to be the human, the more points they will obtain. Whoever has the most points at the end of the six-minute round wins. The magic in this mode comes from the fun of game coupled with the ability to play as the infected; armed with nothing but arms, the zombie players can run through fire and lava, see the blood-red outline of the human through walls, and sprint like there is no tomorrow. It is an absolute blast playing as a zombie, and even more so as the frantic human that has to fend off zombies that can actually think. “Turned” alone makes Revolution worth the price of admission. Look for it tucked away in the Zombie menus.

Next, there is the much anticipated zombies map, “Die Rise”, which features a decimated skyscraper building in China. Careful- there are plenty of drop-offs in the tattered building, and elevators are not as stable as they look. This map is definitely more in the vein of the larger, objective-based maps like Green Run/TranZit. The building is absolutely huge, spanning several floors with many unlockable doors and rooms to explore. There are also the added objectives of looking for parts and building weapons and items. Finally, there is a new zombie to tackle that comes only in certain waves, like the hell hounds. For fans of these kinds of maps, it is definitely one to check out. Personally, we prefer the smaller maps like Nacht de Untoten and the farm, where you set up camp and survive as long as you can, so we were not as taken with Die Rise.

Switching gears to the multiplayer, we have the hotly anticipated addition of four multiplayer maps; Downhill, Grind, Hydro, and Mirage. Downhill takes place on a ski resort, and featured tiered gameplay that will allow for long-range players to prosper. Sadly, you cannot ride the lift. There is also a labyrinth-y layout to the indoor and outdoor areas that can leave players exposed from multiple angles if they are not careful. Grind, which takes place in a skate park, is much the same. The outdoor perimeter area has long corridors with plenty of cover. The most exciting firefights take place indoors, where windows, ramps, slopes, and hallways create tight corners and cover that works from one angle but not another. Hydro, which takes place on a dam, is not nearly as big as one would think- it’s divided into two very similar halves by an “H” shaped walkway. Matches move quickly, as players can reach the other side of the map in no time- if they aren’t sniped away. Finally, Mirage- a sandstorm-tattered building that features two stories and balconies, surrounded by several smaller buildings. This map is perfect for objective-based games like domination, capture the flag, and demolition.

Last but not least, there is the Peacemaker. This marks the first time that a new weapon has been added post-release to a Call of Duty game by way of DLC. For those worried about players “paying to win” by purchasing an overpowered gun, fear not. The Peacemaker is a great weapon, but it is well-balanced. The gun is a part of the SMG family, but feels more like an assault rifle. The rate of fire is significantly lower than the likes of the Skorpion, but it packs a little more punch and range. Oftentimes, we found ourselves utilizing it at a much longer range than we were accustomed to for guns in this class. However, up close we found that it was not as effective as SMGs with a higher rate of fire. We were sometimes bested by shotgun players, a problem that we did not have with other SMGs. That said, we did manage above-average games in our time with it, so SMG and Assault rifle enthusiasts should give it a try and see if it is a good fit.

All in all, the Revolution DLC is a great addition to the Call of Duty: Black Ops II experience. Those who dabble in both the Zombies mode and online multiplayer will find plenty of value in the variety of things presented in the package. It is a tougher sell for those that only do one or the other, but the quality of the two halves is worth the price if you are earnestly looking to get more out of your game. The “Turned” mode is one that must not be missed by either party, so we highly recommend trying it out. Stay tuned for our coverage of the remaining DLC later this year!

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