Slingshot Racing Review: Tight Controls, Fun Twists

Slingshot Racing Review: Tight Controls, Fun Twists

Slingshot Racing comes to us on both iOS and Android, courtesy of Crescent Moon Games. Fans of racing games that are looking for a new twist on a tried-and-true formula will find that Slingshot Racing fits the need. The game fits well into the popular top-down, arcade racing genre, but it also adds a new gameplay element and two new modes to help it stand apart from the countless other racers available on the platforms.

Racers bolt down the track in sleds, using grappling hooks to slingshot off towers in order to gain speed and navigate corners. The controls are easy to pick up; users deploy their hooks by simply pressing a corner of the touchscreen, but mastering the timing needed to flawlessly navigate corners may take quite a bit of practice.

All of the standard racing modes players have come to expect over the years are here, along with a few new ones, too. “Time Trial” and “Versus” are straight forward, but like the timing of deploying the hooks, it may take some practice to achieve the most precious of high scores and low times. Fortunately, the controls are very tight and are well suited towards striving for perfection.

The two unique modes are “Collect the Cogs” and “Chomper.” In “Collect the Cogs”, players race around the track in an effort to collect the most cogs. The thing that makes this difficult is that players have to perfectly time their release from the towers to line their sleds up with the cogs. The race is only over once the players collect all the cogs scattered throughout the track. In the “Chomper” mode, users race against three other sleds in an attempt to avoid a giant machine chasing after them. The race is over when all sleds but one have been “chomped” by the machine. This mode is very fun in its simplicity, and definitely gets your blood pumping with the excitement of running from the chomper. It is the best of the bunch.

Slingshot Racing slingshots onto your screen at only $0.99 in the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. While there is no free or trial version available, it is forgivable as there is great value in this title beyond the $0.99 price tag. Though the game is simple enough to pick up and play, the steep learning curve required to master the game will keep players coming back for more to improve their times. Alongside a variety of tracks and a local multiplayer that supports up to four players, the replay value in this game is definitely there. Give it a shot!


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