Mamorukun Curse! Is Shooting Onto PSN Next Week

Mamorukun Curse! Is Shooting Onto PSN Next Week

There’s a new shoot-em up title coming to the PlayStation Network next week. UFO Interactive is releasing Mamorukun Curse!, a vertical shooter developed by G.rev Ltd. Players will get to select one of seven characters, each with unique attacking elements to use while playing through three different modes, including Netherworld, Arcade, and Story mode.

There are, of course, online leaderboards for all modes and 66 Trophies to unlock, along with many other goodies, such as all previously released DLC from the original Japanese version. Get ready to dodge bullets, kill enemies, and collect lots of candy for a high score! CANDY!

I look forward to sharing my review next week and challenging some of you on the online leaderboards! Until then, check out the second official trailer below to see the game in action!

The game will release next week, July 16th, for a price of $19.99.


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