Interview: Susan Woo from Level Jeans

by Emma Loggins

Level Jeans combines a classic construction with high end design elements. They emphasize a restorative quality in its well-tailored collection that is worth every penny, and then some, of its price tag. The line embodies a creative mixture of specialty imported fabrics and unique washes.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Susan Woo to talk about the new line and what goes into design a pair of men jeans.

What made you all decide to start a men’s line in addition to Level 99?

Timing was right for the expansion, based on the success in women’s.

Ideally, the goal is to build a life style brand.

Who is your customer with this line?

We like to think of the guy as hip, current and wants more than just one jean
in his wardrobe.

How does Level Jeans different from other jeans that are available for men?

It is a good mix of classic and modern. It incorporates current trends but should
withstand the test of time.

What type of jean styles can we look forward to seeing with the line?

Six core basics: slim, straight, slim boot, relaxed boot, relaxed and ultra relaxed
as well as trousers and other novelty styles.

If a guy can only get one pair of jeans from the collection, which pair should he get?

We recommend the straight in a dark rinse.

What are the main inspirations that have affected the designs in the current collection?

Flea markets

What are the main factors to keep in mind when designing for male as compared to a female?

Comfort, understandable interpretations of the trends

What’s the easiest way for a guy to dress up a pair of jeans?

Good pair of sneakers and a cool belt

What trends or styles do you see emerging in future collections of men’s jeans?

Raised hemlines, clean vintage stone washes

Do you personally have any fashion idols?

Icon would be David Bowie and John Lennon. Designer would be Margiela.


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