Taking Back Sunday Review: Louder Now: Part 2

Taking Back Sunday are singer Adam Lazzara, guitarist Eddie Reyes, drummer Mark O’Connell and bassist Matt Rubano. The New York-based melodic hardcore quintet, released Louder Now on April 25, 2006 and it skyrocketed to Number Two on Billboard’s Top 200 chart a week later, scanning more than 157,000 copies. Now gold-certified, Louder Now has led to multiple sold out U.S. headlining arena tours.

December 2006, Taking Back Sunday released their first-ever DVD, Louder Now: Partone, which featured up-close and personal stories from the band, exciting behind-the scenes footage of them on tour and in the studio and music videos. On November 20th, Warner Bros. Records released the companion CD/DVD, entitled Louder Now: Parttwo.

Hailing out of Long Island, NY is Taking Back Sunday. Although the band formed in 1999, it was only until the release of their first full length album “Tell All Your Friends,” that they burst out of the Long Island alternative emo scene.

In 2006 ‘Louder Now’ was released with a harder sound and catchy choruses. Then again as a sequel they released ‘Louder Now: Part 2’ in 2007. Making music that completely strays from their comfort zone, it is hard to tell if they have succeeded in creating a great album. The tracks are incredibly catchy, appealing to the mainstream MTV audiences; however they are a disappointment to the fans that have loved their whiny emo melodies.

Taking rhythms from the pseudo-vintage rock scene & production tricks from every second-rate emo band ever, the album fails to deliver anything new to listeners. Their lyrics lack in the depth “Tell All Your Friends” encompassed; they are repetitive and meaningless. This is a case where a different direction in sound has completely bombed.

The albums are a must buy for the sole reason of captivating the last of Fred Mascherino’s vocals, but for the emo fans that have followed Taking Back Sunday through the years, they fail miserably.

Review by Kat Skaris

Grade: B-
Official site: http://www.takingbacksunday.com
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