Samsung EHS71 Earphones Review: Refined Sound

Samsung EHS71 Earphones: Refined Sound

EHS71 are in a line of earphones by Samsung that includes the EHS60, EHS63, EHS70 and EHS71. The EHS71 are Samsung’s highest quality headset and with that their most expensive headset running at $129.99. At that price you’re probably wondering, are they really that good. To answer that quickly for you…yes, they really are that good!

To begin with, I’ve never been a fan of earbuds/earphones. They are awkward, feel funny and I have never found them to stay in just right. Well, in spite of that, I still found myself interested in Samsungs new high quality EHS71 headset. As soon as I put them on I remembered why I don’t like these type of headsets but after getting a good feel for how they fit and having used them for the past couple of weeks, they really began to grow on me. I really had to force myself to stick with them based on my past experience with earbuds but once I did I really came to appreciate them.

The EHS71 headset is the top of the line Samsung’s EHS series and after awhile I was able to appreciate just how good they really were. I experienced moments listening to music and enjoying the song so much that I actually forgot that I was listening with this style of earphones and not my usual high quality headset. I really surprised myself that I liked them so much. It’s even more surprising at how much power they seem to produce – how can something so small like these earphones create such a heavy bass effect and sound so crystal clear! It sounded truly wonderful.

The EHS71 come at a higher price than the others in the series but from what I’ve experienced you won’t regret paying the added price. Plug them into your phone, your music player of choice or even your handheld gaming system of choice. I was able to enjoy them in many of those applications. I used them to listen to music on my phone but also for listening to movies and playing video games. These earphones allow you to enjoy every sound that you hear. In every case, I found the experience to be a most pleasurable one for the ears.

Another feature of the EHS71 is the in-line mic with an answer call button. For those of you using this headset to listen to music on your phone, you will also easily be able to switch over to the phone call and use the headset to have your conversation. The quality of sound when speaking to people sounds great as well, with no noticeable issues. No matter what you use the EHS71 for, you will likely find yourself extremely satisfied with their performance.


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