New Michael Jackson Album On the Way

The first posthumous release of “new” material from the King of Pop has officially been set a release date, and fans are sure it will be a “thriller”!

Though the superstar has passed on, Michael Jackson is still one of the top-earning people in showbiz, and with his new album titled ‘Michael’ releasing this Dec. 14th, fans worldwide are planning to help keep that status in tact!

Can’t wait until December? will be streaming the song “Breaking News” all next week. According to Epic Records, the tune was recorded in 2007 with producer Eddie Cascio.

The album includes four tracks from the Cascio sessions, along with outtakes from other albums and a song penned by Paul Anka called “Love Never Felt So Good”.

This is definitely one of those “have-to-buy” albums – Jackson’s last studio album before this one was nine years ago; 2001’s Invincible.

Will you be in line for the new album?


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