Jonah Hill Becomes Honorary Best Buy Employee

While some actors get honorary degrees from ivy league schools, Jonah Hill has added something a little more unusual to his resume. He has been made an honorary Best Buy employee after boasting about calling customer care representatives at a store in Hawaii as part of his preparation for The Wolf of Wall Street.  

The Moneyball star chatted to workers at the U.S. electronics store over the phone for hours a day as he attempted to perfect his fast-talking, drug-taking Donnie Azoff character – and he reveals employees would always make time for him as he rambled on about products and payment options with no intention of buying anything.

Hill told radio host Howard Stern he spent a lot of time on the phone, calling Best Buy stores as he struggled to speak clearly with the fake teeth he had to wear for the role.

He explained, “I had this really difficult accent and lisp and I had these big fake teeth and I couldn’t talk… You couldn’t understand what I was saying, so, for a month and a half beforehand, our accent coach was like, ‘You’ve got to talk with these things in for two hours every day’.

“No one from my life is gonna sit with me (to do this), so I would call (department store) Target and Best Buy as Donnie, and just talk about different products for an hour and a half every day.”

And the big reveal has impressed Best Buy bosses.

He explains, “I’ve told this story before and the other day Best Buy sent me a blue Best Buy shirt, so I’m an honorary employee there, so if this (acting) doesn’t work out… don’t worry about me, man, I’m taken care of.”


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