Xbox Broadcast: Twitch Broadcast To Let Gamers Live Stream for Free on Xbox One

What’s better then sneaking around dungeons, shooting lightening bolts out of your hands, or climbing into a giant mech battle suit? Having a personalized gaming community that can watch you play and most likely troll on your exploits and progress, of course!

With the upcoming Twitch Broadcast app set to release on March 11th, gamers will be able to record and live stream their gaming sessions. According to Larry Hryb, Director of Programming at Microsoft, the experience will change the Xbox landscape forever. Just saying the words “Xbox Broadcast” will bring up the app and allow you to live stream any game you want for all the world to see.

This will be sure to bring an entirely new level of immersion within the gaming community, with comment and voice narration options available. Streamers will have the option to voice narrate the game through the Kinect software or just a mic headset. Comments from viewers of your stream can be accessed on the sidebar. If the community feedback proves to be too distracting, or not as helpful as you wished, you can close the side bar and view the comments on a separate device. But don’t worry, your game is still recording.

Access to this app requires users to make a Twitch account, which is also free and comes with a slew of its own benefits. Through your Twitch profile, you can connect with gamers within your family and friend circles and follow their channels. An archive of all your previously recorded streams are also there, so finding that impossible head-shot that none of your friends believe you made is thankfully there to disprove them.

This highly anticipated service will be downloadable on March 11th and, according to Hryb, will be a seamless broadcast experience. Twitch broadcast is looking to be the perfect platform for people who are interested in video game vlogging but never had the equipment to start. Now with the built in next-gen camera and a free streaming platform, there’s no excuse. For me, I’m just looking forward to having a collection of funny glitch videos ready to view right on my console.

First things first, make a Twitch account!


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