Azure Striker: Gunvolt – Mega Man Creator to Launch New Game

The first details about the new 2D side-scrolling action game, Azure Striker: Gunvolt, have surfaced. Keiji Inafune is collaborating with Mega Man Zero Studio for a game that’s very reminiscent of Mega Man and Mighty No. 9. There’s colorful pixels, double jumps, and electricity attacks in a game that’s part frantic combat and part puzzle platforming.

Azure Striker: Gunvolt is set in a dystopian future where an evil corporation known as the Sumeragi Group have imprisoned several groups of people with types of psychic super-powers. The hero of the game, a 14 year old psychic whose name is unknown and just goes by the nickname Gunvolt, is one of these people.

Gunvolt has several abilities and the ones that were shown off in the trailer (below) include: zapping people with electricity, firing his conductor gun, forming a protective shield, levitating, and a particularly cool looking power known as Voltic Chain. When activated, Voltic Chain sends several chains criss-crossing around the screen where Gunvolt can charge them to do massive damage to enemies.

Azure Striker: Gunvolt follows Gunvolt as he teams up with a human rights group called Feather as they fight against the injustice done against the psychics. One of these missions includes assassinating Lumen, a virtual pop-star who uses sonar to find and imprison psychics for the Sumeragi Group. Other enemies include Melac who uses wormholes and Daytona who attacks with explosions and fire balls.

In a game that’s quintessentially Japanese, I wouldn’t expect anything less.

You can double jump and mid-air dash your way to justice on the Nintendo 3DS sometime this summer. The exact date is yet to be released.