‘The Big Bang Theory’ Debuts New Trailer at Comic-Con 2014

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Hit comedy The Big Bang Theory kicked off Friday at Comic-Con 2014 with a panel featuring the show’s writers, who brought with them a couple of filmed surprises for fans, as well as a giveaway that’s out of this world.

The first surprise from the writers panel came in the form of fans witnessing the world premiere of the trailer for Serial Ape-ist 2: Monkey See, Monkey Kill, starring Wil Wheaton and Penny. With a tagline like “He mixed her DNA with that of a killer gorilla. Was it because he loved her? Yes.” how could this be anything but entertaining?

Check it out below:

The next surprise the writers brought along was a hilarious season 7 highlight reel. The reel features James Earl Jones, Bob Newhart, the re-creation of the planet Dagobah from Star Wars, debating the merits of Indiana Jones and preferred gaming consoles, and the quest to buy Comic-Con badges and more.

Finally, Warner Bros. Television and he Big Bang Theory gave away what is arguably the greatest swag item ever — an actual trip to space! Catch up with lucky winner Mercedes Becerra here as she continues flight training for her future trip aboard @XCOR Aerospace’s Lynx!

Photo Credit: CBS
Video Credit: Warner Brothers/Youtube


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