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Home Gaming Saitek Flight Stick Giveaway: Best Action Shots Land Competitors a Pacific AV8R
Saitek Flight Stick Giveaway: Best Action Shots Land Competitors a Pacific AV8R

Saitek Flight Stick Giveaway: Best Action Shots Land Competitors a Pacific AV8R


Saitek is currently giving away a few Pacific AV8R flight sticks to those of you who can come up with the best in-game action screenshots. I’m currently a guest blogger for their website, reporting on topics revolved around Saitek products and flight games. Blogs so far have included a look into War Thunder and an interview with one of the lead PR guys at Gaijin Entertainment.

The Pacific AV8R is a lovely and solid beginner’s flight stick that I originally received with Damage Inc., a flight game that wasn’t perfect but still provided some good times. What I liked best about the AV8R is that the throttle is on the front side, which actually feels quite well for its positioning and size on the joystick. And as for the ideal games, it’s not just Damage Inc. that works well with the AV8R as I’ve also flown around in War Thunder and DCS World with the stick. The full list of applicable games can be found on the product page.

So doesn’t that sound like a pretty nice prize to win just by sharing a screenshoot? I personally love action shots and always strive to capture the best moments that take place in the skies, even if it’s not the wisest of ideas to have my hand on the screencap button rather than the trigger button. Whatever though! I do what it takes to get the best shot!

Simply tweet @SaitekSim with your best shot for us to look over and we’ll pick out the winners. Also, editing the screenshots will not be allowed, so they must be naturally taken straight from in-game footage.

Get to it, folks!

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