Alice Cooper Opens Thrift Store in Arizona

Alice Cooper is giving his fans a chance to own his old clothes after opening a thrift store in Arizona last week.

Alice’s Attic will be stocked with pieces from the Welcome to My Nightmare hitmaker’s personal collection.

He tells, “I’m a shopaholic. When I’m on tour, I come home with 10 suitcases full of clothes. So I just go through and say, ‘OK, store, store, store, store.’ A lot of good labels. Everything that’s mine was worn.”

A portion of the proceeds from the store will benefit Cooper’s Rock Teen Center, which is across the street from his new store.

He continues, “Eventually what I’d like to do is since we teach music and art and everything, we should also teach retail.

“We should teach them (kids) to run a cash register because a lot of kids that aren’t musically inclined, it’s another way of training them. It’s sort of, like, anything you can do to get them away from the street life. Because the street life, there’s only two endings for that. In jail or dead. Anytime you can give a vocation to a kid, that’s what you do.”

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