GRID 2 – Free Steam Weekend

It’s a big weekend on Steam as GRID 2 and 9 other titles (most notably Company of Heroes 2, Payday 2, and XCOM) are available as free-to-play games. I focus in on GRID 2 because I’m in a racing mood and absolutely love the style and atmosphere experienced in the game. It was my favorite racing title last year with its entertaining World Series Racing competitions to go along with a fast and more arcade-like gameplay.

GRID 2 also introduced one of my favorite features known as Live Routes. This feature changes the course on the fly to one of many different route possibilities so that drivers can’t predict what’s coming up ahead. Obviously, for those who learn the course thoroughly, it won’t ever fully surprise them.

By the way, in case you missed it, Live Routes could make a return in the next GRID title. During an interview I had with GRID’s Chief Games Designer, James Nicholls, he mentioned that crazy experiments have already been tested with the Live Routes technology since working on GRID 2. That could lead to some pretty exciting gameplay in the future. The full story on Live Routes can be found here.

I definitely recommend giving GRID 2 a try this weekend during the Free Steam Weekend event. Anyone who likes a little bit of speed should find themselves having all kinds of high-speed and action-packed fun from the game.

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