GRID 2’s LiveRoutes Could Return in Future Titles, Crazy Experiments Have Already Been Tested

GRID 2 is one of my favorite racing games, and one of the main reasons for that has to do with a feature known as LiveRoutes. It’s an entertaining element that changes up the routes while the player is racing. I thought it was a fantastic idea before I even experienced it for the first time. However, with Codemasters’ new direction with GRID Autosport, my favorite feature doesn’t make an appearance in the upcoming title. That’s ok, though, because that doesn’t mean LiveRoutes won’t make an appearance in future GRID titles.

While asking about LiveRoutes in a recent interview I had with the Lead Games Designer on GRID, James Nicholls, he mentioned to me that even though it’s not an option in GRID Autosport, it’s still a really great piece of technology. He went on to say that they’ve “already done some crazy experiments with it since GRID 2,” and that there isn’t any doubt that they’ll look at it again after GRID Autosport.

Well that certainly sounds promising for anyone who enjoyed the LiveRoutes feature. I can only imagine that those “crazy experiments” have to be something totally awesome and exciting. I wonder what the future holds for GRID. I do know that James Nicholls is also excited to tackle the question of “what does ‘next-gen’ mean for racing?”

As for the present, the direction Codemasters took the series with GRID Autosport is something that’s going to be much appreciated by both GRID and racing fans. Make sure to check back next week for my hands-on preview of GRID Autosport, which will come rocking with personal gameplay videos.

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