Seth Rogen Goes on Twitter Rant Against Cathay Pacific Airline

Seth Rogen launched into a rant online about an airline after a mix-up caused his wife to miss a funeral.

The Knocked Up star blasted bosses at Hong Kong-based airline Cathay Pacific after his wife was banned from boarding a flight with the couple’s dog, Zelda.

In a series of furious messages on Twitter, he writes, “I advise everyone to never fly @cathaypacific if possible. They are bad people… Next time you’re about to book a flight on @cathaypacific just remember this tweet, and then book another airline, because they are bad… My wife is missing a funeral because @cathaypacific wouldn’t let her and our dog on a plane after they let us book the trip with the dog.”

When his fans tried to give him advice, he replied to them, “It’s too late! She is missing the funeral. They were not able to help us… they were very polite in explaining that they were f**king us horribly.”

He also added that airline officials made him and his wife Lauren “wait 1.5 hours at check in before they told us, so it was impossible”.

It is not known why the couple’s pet spaniel was not allowed on the aircraft. Officials from the company have reached out to Rogen via the microblogging site for details of the incident.

Photo Credit: Helga Esteb /


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