Street Fighter V Announced for PS4/PC, Ultra Street Fighter IV Getting PS4 Port

Recently Capcom came out with a one-two punch for Street Fighter fans on the current generation of consoles, specifically the PlayStation 4. The first, and most definitely the biggest piece of news is that not only is Street Fighter V a thing, but it’ll be available on the PlayStation 4 and PC at some time in the future. The console release will be exclusive to the PS4, a rather surprising move given the series having a multiplatform presence in the past. Both PS4 and PC will support cross play online, bridging the platform gap for fighters. The announcement trailer and another trailer showing some work-in-progress gameplay can be seen below.

In addition, to broaden the audience a little more for their current entry, Ultra Street Fighter IV, that game is also getting a PlayStation 4 release. All costume DLC that can be purchased for the current version at the time of the PS4 port’s release will be included in the port as well, though this does leave the possibility of additional costumes later on as DLC. The port announcement trailer can be seen below.

Ultra Street Fighter IV, as well as the Street Fighter series in general are among some of my most played fighting games, so I’m definitely excited to see what comes out of V in the future. If Akuma, Poison, or (unlikely but I’m still hoping he’ll return at some point) Urien make it into the roster, I’ll definitely be a happy camper, those three being my personal favorites from the franchise. But aside from Ryu and Chun Li, we’ll have to just wait and see who makes the cut.


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