Anna Faris Describes the Time Her Baby Pissed Off Mickey Rourke

Anna Faris discovered Mickey Rourke hates noisy babies after a run-in with the movie star on a flight from London to Los Angeles.

Faris’ husband, Chris Pratt, recently expressed his disdain after hearing The Wrestler star had complained about the couple’s son Jack on a 2013 flight, and The House Bunny actress opened up about the incident during an interview with U.S. talk show host Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday.

She recalled, “The longest trip we’ve ever done is to London to visit Chris when he was shooting Guardians of the Galaxy… It is a long trip…

“On the way back – and he (Jack) does great, he’s a beautiful little boy – we’re on the tarmac at Heathrow (Airport), it’s quiet… before the engines roar and he starts vocalizing… not screaming, not crying, just being adorable, I thought, but I’m also sweating because everyone is hating me around me, because they know (babies cry on flights).

“So across the aisle, I hear a ‘shhhh’ and I look over and it’s Mickey Rourke. I was already so nervous before and knowing that everyone hated me, and then to have Mickey Rourke confirm that didn’t feel great. I got shushed by Mickey Rourke… and then he started grumbling, like (he wanted to say), ‘You better shut that baby up…'”

Faris reveals the rest of the flight went smoothly as both her son and Rourke fell asleep, but she was stunned to learn he has apparently made a habit of silencing kids after sharing her in-flight experience with a colleague on the set of her TV sitcom Mom.

She said, “I came home and I told a writer of Mom. I said, ‘Mickey Rourke shushed my baby’, and she said, ‘The same thing happened to me at a restaurant!’ Apparently Mickey Rourke has a thing, he likes to shush babies!”

Pratt recently told GQ magazine he was not happy with Rourke after the incident, saying, “Like he’s the baby whisperer. Like he’s gonna get the baby to stop crying when the baby’s mother can’t, just by aggressively shushing the baby. Motherf**ker. I was like, ‘Damn, the f**in’ Wrestler shushed my baby’.”

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