Will Maya’s Dad Mix Things Up for the ‘Girl Meets World’ Cast Members?


Maya’s dad is headed to Girl Meets World and it sounds like he could be a real problem (unlike Angela).

According to E! Online, Maya’s father will make an appearance on the show, during an episode that follows “a major Maya storyline”. It sounds like Shawn should watch out. Although he and Maya’s mom Katy have finally admitted their feelings for each other, Katy’s ex, Kermit, “is sure to stir up trouble for Shawn’s new relationship with Maya’s mom when he comes back into the picture.” He’s also described as “roguish and good-looking”, which makes us think Katy has a type.

We first heard word of Maya’s father’s return at when we attended year’s ATX Festival:

We learned that this season the mystery of Maya’s father will be solved. He’ll be making an appearance in ‘Girl Meets Forgiveness’ when Corey teaches the class a lesson on (you guessed it) forgiveness. Fans will find out who Maya’s father is and why he left. Let the theories roll in!

No word on which actor has been chosen to take on the role of Maya’s pops or when “Girl Meets Forgiveness” is scheduled to air, but we can’t wait to find out!

Photo Credit: Disney


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  1. Dear spoilers, How are you? I think shawn hunter is perfict for maya’s mother sense the father moved on.. And he understands her beacuse they have so much in common about each other.. I feel they have good thing going together..