‘Supernatural’ EP Andrew Dabb Talks The Darkness, Castiel and More

We’re sure you know by now that the Winchester brothers will have to battle their most ancient foe yet in the upcoming season of Supernatural, but executive producer Andrew Dabb may have let slip the big bad’s gender during a recent interview.

Dabb, along with the cast of Supernatural, attended Comic Con this year and shared some interesting spoilers with reporters, including the possible fact that The Darkness could end up being HER Darkness.

“I would describe it as also the Big Bad,” stated Dabb. “I mean I would say The Darkness
is… a different point of view that we’ve seen from our bad guys in a long time. I would say that also the character’s origins and connections to our main characters are something that, you know, her power and her– or IT’S- power kind of overwhelms in such a way that it can touch all different aspects of our show, from angels to demons to monsters, witches and everything else. So it allows this character to intersect with all of our different characters in very cool ways.”

Not only does this Darkness sound like it will make for a compelling new arc, she also sounds like a force to be reckoned with. (Casting thoughts in the comments below!)

Fans can look out for Castiel, who is always there to help the brothers, but usually has his own issues to tackle as well, to help out in the Darkness arc. “Castiel is a concern. Castiel will be an important ally in this fight, but the nice thing about being able to have a big…end like this is the stakes are very clear: it’s the end of the world…There will be twists and turns along the way, bumps on the road, but I think that’s our guiding light for the season.”

If you want to learn more about what this season will look like for everyone’s favorite angel, look out for our chat with Castiel himself Misha Collins to be posted on FanBolt next week!

Watch the full interview below to see what else Dabb revealed about what fans can expect from Supernatural‘s 11th season:

You can also watch what Jared Padalecki had to say about the upcoming season here.

Supernatural returns to The CW October 7th.

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