‘American Horror Story’ Creator Ryan Murphy on a Jessica Lange Return: ‘It’s Always Possible’

American Horror Story audiences were saddened to hear that one of the show’s staple actresses, the fabulous Jessica Lange, would be sitting the upcoming season, as well as the remainder of the series, out. The AHS creator is now giving us a flicker of hope, teasing that Lange would be down for a return, given the right character is written for her.

Lange made the announcement that she was leaving the series during a PaleyFest panel discussion for last year’s American Horror Story: Freak Show saying, “We’ve had a great run. I have absolutely loved doing these four characters, and in all the madness, I loved the writers, actors, Ryan, the whole insanity of it, the stories, shooting here, shooting in New Orleans, everything… To cut to the chase, yes, I’m done.”

Now it seems that when she said done, she really meant done-ish. Read what Murphy had to say to Entertainment Weekly about the chances of Lange coming back to AHS:

“I’ve been talking to her,” admits Murphy. “It’s always possible. I’m trying to deal with her play schedule. Jessica is always about the character. She’ll be back—she’s not gone forever. But that’s the fun and fresh thing about the show: sometimes somebody has to go away before you realize how much you miss them. She wants to come back we just have to come up with something.”

Now that we have more details about the show’s new season, Hotel, with Murphy confirming that “We do go to the Murder House for one episode,”, the obvious assumption would be that Lange makes a return as her first AHS character ever, Constance Langdon, the mother of mass murderer Tate Langdon and current guardian of the Antichrist. We’ll have to wait and see how that will play out, however.

A fun AHS: Murder House connection definitely will be made in Hotel is the reappearance of Marcy (Christine Estabrook), the sketchy realtor who sold the Harmons the Murder House in season one. It looks like this time she’s trying to pawn off the Hotel Cortez in a similar matter.

Check into American Horror Story: Hotel when it premieres on FX, October 7th at 10pm.

Photo Credit: Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com


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