Are The ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Opening Credits The Show’s Most Disturbing Yet?

Looking for a safe, quiet place to stay for a night? Well judging by the newly released title credits from American Horror Story: Hotel, the Hotel Cortez ain’t it.

The newly released credits are undoubtedly filled with clues about this season’s plot. It’s safe to say fans can count on at least one patron being sewn into a mattress, but there’s no telling what other horrors lie waiting for the Hotel Cortez’s next victims.

From the the never-ending flow blood on the walls, to skeletons in the rooms, to the creepiest kids you’ve seen since The Village of the Damned, this season looks like it stands to be the darkest, most demented yet…and we can’t wait! Oh, and it also looks like we can count on quite a few, if not all, of the 10 Commandments being broken all under one roof.

Take a look at American Horror Story‘s most twisted intro yet!

(How cool were the last two commandments and images that were shown?! Perhaps all of the cast names that followed the commandments listed are the ones will be breaking them? Hmmmm…)

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We’ll be checking into American Horror Story: Hotel on October 7th, will you?

Photo Credit: FX


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