Lady Gaga on Her ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Experience: ‘I’m Happier Than I’ve Ever Been Now’

Lady Gaga has made it no secret that she’s found a second home with her American Horror Story: Hotel family.

“I’m happier than I’ve ever been now,” Gaga told E!’s Kristin dos Santos during a recent set visit, “because the people that I work with really, really care that my life is different and really, really work to make sure that I feel as normal as possible—so that I can have a great time and just be a normal girl, and just be a woman for Ryan on film, or you know… [laughs] a hemophiliac.”

Gaga’s Hotel character is The Countess, the beautiful socialite who owns the Hotel Cortez and has a penchant for blood and sex. While proving herself as an actress among the pros that she’s working with is certainly an important goal, bonding with those same pros is equally important to the star.

“Something that was so important to me when I got here is I really wanted to bond with the cast,” she explained. “And I wanted to get to know them, and I wanted them to feel comfortable with me as a human being and a person, and know that I was going to be available and open to them, and that I wasn’t going to come on set and be like, ‘Where’s my make up?! Where’s my trailer?!’ and be a huge bitch and make this The Gaga Show. The most important thing to me was that that did not happen.”

Judging from show creator Ryan Murphy’s kind words about his new star, she’s definitely made her mark in a positive way. “She’s the sweetest, the kindest. She shows up every day and hugs and kisses each crew member,” said the AHS boss. “She’s brought the cast together in an amazing way. She’s really a maternal figure. She’s so young, and I had not expected that. She’s the queen of [our] universe…She really is.”

Gaga only has one wish from her fans as they embark on the latest AHS journey tomorrow night. “I’d really like people to watch it and not feel like they’re watching Lady Gaga. I’d like them to feel like they’re watching The Countess. So that’s important to me, and I’ve spent a lot of time working on that. I can’t wait for everyone to just enjoy the show.”

American Horror Story: Hotel is open for check-in tomorrow night at 10pm on FX.

Photo Credit: FX