‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Star Evan Peters Talks Playing Mr. March, Working with Lady Gaga


Evan Peters has stepped into his most deliciously devious role yet as American Horror Story: Hotel‘s resident rich, homicidal, sociopath James March.

(Spoilers ahead!)

If you’ve been watching the series, then you know that James March is the man responsible for building the Hotel Cortez. His spirit lurks around the hotel, still taking lives as he sees fit, but Peters’ description of him gives the character a little more depth than fans may have originally thought. “He obviously had sociopathic tendencies, but his father is the one who really took him over the edge,” he told Collider when asked to describe his character. “I’m sure he tortured animals, as a kid, and had the makings of a sociopath in him already, but really, it was his dad, beating him and forcing religion down his throat, and then going and doing just the opposite, flipped him over the edge and made him into this person. That’s how I justify it.”

Mr. March’s perversions aren’t just a case of nature vs. nurture. According to Peters, they’re more-so the result of nature and nurture working together to create a perfect monster. “He really loves it. He really loves the killing. It’s his passion. It’s his purpose in life. He found his purpose. He obviously doesn’t really have the moral code that people with a conscience do, so he loves it.”

Last night, we learned the backstory of The Countess, including the revelation that she is Mrs. James March. Although the pair have an estranged relationship onscreen, Peters says that working with Gaga has been nothing but an inspiration.

“It’s been amazing to watch her blossom into this actress,” he told the site. “She started out very nervous, but she’s definitely gaining more confidence and growing. She’s not second guessing. She’s doing her thing, and it’s really inspiring to watch. I loved working with her. I think she’s incredibly talented and always brings something new with each take. She really brings it. She affects you. She affects the other actors. She wants something from you, and she’ll be damned if she doesn’t get it. It’s great to work with her. It’s fun to work with her. And to top it all off, she’s a sweetheart.”

After last night, we definitely can’t wait to see more scenes with the pair.

What did you think of AHS:Hotel‘s that told the sad tale of The Countess’ backstory? Were you surprised by she and March’s connection?

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