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First Look at ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Return on January 29

First Look at ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Return on January 29


When does The Vampire Diaries return? On January 29, the CW series makes its move from Thursday to Friday night! Vampire Diaries isn’t alone in the move, the spinoff series The Originals is also making the move, with the current Friday night series, Reign, going on break with no return date currently scheduled.

Thursday nights will be the new home for The 100 as well as CW’s newest series, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow which premieres on January 21 (with part 2 of the pilot following on January 28).

But back to The Vampire Diaries! We have the first look at episode 7.10 “Hell Is Other People” which is actually the episode they were filming when we visited the set last month.

What we can tell from the preview, Damon has been dead for 3 months, Stefan’s body is in danger of being scorched, and Caroline looks like she may be in major trouble from Damon (unless none of it is real). Take a look at the new preview below!

First Look at The Vampire Diaries Return on January 29

The Vampire Diaries moves to Fridays, starting January 29 at 8/7c! Will you be watching? Let us know your thoughts about the Friday night move as well as Season 7 below!

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  1. This is 1 of the exact reason why I freaking get so aggravated with The CW Network Executives who are just so damn worthless and just freaking retarded when it comes to making the best decisions for the network and all the different series on the network, like wtf do they have to move it to later in the week what they should do is move it to in the week if anything along with The Originals. I just absolutely do not believe that the series The 100 is no where near interestingly entertaining enough to be replacing TVD on Thursday’s why can’t or couldn’t they put that trash on Friday’s along with some of the other freaking stupid TV Series like JTV, Reign, IZombie to later or at the end of the week when most people are outside having a good time. If it was up to me the best show’s on the Network would be put at the very start of the week like on Monday’s, Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s and those Series would be obviously The Flash, Arrow, DC Legends Of Tomorrow, The Originals, TVD, and Supernatural if they were smart that is what they would do and that would be best for business sadly that is not the case.

    1. My personal theory is that they may be trying to phase TVD out. I know that contract negations are up again after this season, so this may be part of the back up plan to those not going well. Originals is still younger, and hasn’t lost any core cast – but being a spinoff series CW may be grouping both of them together. Just my theory though. I agree that the Friday night slot is the “death slot.”

    2. I agree with you about TVD’s ratings being stronger than iZombie/The 100 but TVD is a female skewing show. It is incompatible with Legends of Tomorrow since that show will skew male. Both shows viewers might reject each other like HOD/Cult pairing. Also TVD is still gonna face Scandal at 9pm if it got that slot so that’s a no-no. It’s also incompatible with Flash since that show skews male too. What slot it could’ve gotten? Mondays but shows airing on Mondays are CBS-produced. They’re pretty much immovable this season but CEG is dead either way . Remember that CW is a co-owned network by WB and CBS. They won’t move the last 2 remaining CBS shows on the deathslot. The 100 lucked out since it skew 50/50 so it’s compatible with Legends. Had Supernatural been stronger to survive another move, it would’ve been paired with Legends. Expect CEG to get replaced by another CBS show next Fall. Like what Emma said, TVD’s casts contracts is up this year. CW would be in a pickle trying to find a replacement show on that slot next year if it kept its Thursday slot assuming it gets canned. Premiering Legends on a different day then moving it to Thursday next year assuming TVD gets canned will hurt its ratings. CW is thinking ahead.


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