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Titanfall 2 Tosses Pilots Another Look at the Campaign

Titanfall 2 Tosses Pilots Another Look at the Campaign


Just a few days after saying that the Titanfall 2 multiplayer can wait, another feature video was released that focuses more on the single player gameplay. Respawn Entertainment released a new ‘Titanfall 2 Single Player Vision’ trailer that further triggered my strong desire for the upcoming campaign.

The video focuses on the team’s plan to establish a unique campaign for players to experience that, at its core, feels like a Titanfall game. This means we can expect the action gameplay we all know from the first title mixed with boss fights and puzzle elements in a world that players must navigate through. I’m sure with a pilot’s traversal abilities this could lead to some high flying and fast moving sections in the campaign, and I sure hope it’s a lot of fun.

Once again the video continues to push the relationship between pilot and titan and further provides bits and pieces of what Jack Cooper and BT-7274 will encounter on their journey and how they will need to combine their abilities to survive. By the way, who else is looking forward to being tossed across a canyon by a titan?

It’s nice seeing a few more elements in this trailer that seems to open the door for a little more exploration of levels. I’m glad they mentioned the fact that players will use their pilot’s abilities to adventure across locations. Also, I’m sure many of those collectible helmets that are shown in the video will be hidden in fun and unique places that are off the beaten path. But what’s great to hear once again is how the developers were given freedom to create action blocks on their own before coming together as a group to vote on the best ideas to establish the core of the Titanfall 2 campaign.

The quote at the end of the video is great to hear as well as Steve Fukuda mentions that he feels campaigns and single player experiences for first-person shooters can be something more than the standard that’s currently out there; they can be more varied and more adventurous. When a company is pushing a new campaign in the shooter genre, those are very strong words that will speak to the fans. So with those words and the action with both pilot and titan, varied terrain for navigating, and boss battles that are said to be unique as each boss features its own personality, there’s a lot of positive expectations that can be had for the campaign.

All of these recent Titanfall 2 videos and interviews are continuing to further push the excitement for the upcoming game which releases October 28th on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Check out the new Titanfall 2 Single Play Vision trailer below.

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