Square Enix’s 2016 Holiday Surprise Box Offers 7 Games for $9.99

Square Enix is once again offering up a surprise box this holiday season by giving gamers and fans of Square Enix the chance to get $80 worth of games for only $9.99 in the 2016 Holiday Surprise Box. This year the box includes 7 PC downloadable games and a Square Enix Store promotional code.

I remember the Surprise Box offering last year and found myself holding out on it, but then it ended up being so good that I took part in the deal that Square Enix held a few months later for Easter. The Easter box contained Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Quantum Conundrum, Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut, and a 20% off coupon code toward the purchase of Just Cause 3. That’s a pretty solid deal for only $9.99, and that was only 5 games. I’m excited to see what the 7 games will be for this Christmas.

Gamers have from December 12th to December 19th (4am, PST) to purchase the 2016 Holiday Surprise Box. The contents of the box will be announced and delivered after 4am PST on December 20th. Click here to pre-order your Square Enix 2016 Holiday Surprise Box.


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