Espionage Cosmetics Debuts New Palette Line

I’ve been both a geek and a makeup junkie for longer than I care to remember, and for the last several years my favorite place to combine those two loves has been Espionage Cosmetics. Like many, I was shocked when their famous Everything Shadows were retired. (Okay, I the shock and dismay was temporary. Then I hit the sales, hard! No shame.)

At long last, Nerd Makeup is returning in the form of pressed shadow palettes! Preorders are open now for two debut palettes – the Colovaria collection for fans of all things magical and the RPG collection to showcase a love of gaming. Each palette comes with four highly pigmented pressed shadows and a mini makeup brush themed to the collection. (Personally, I’m loving that gold shimmer in the Colovaria palette. Accio glitter!)


Along with the palette and brush, the preorders for each collection have their own Kickstarter-style stretch goals. As of this writing, the first two levels have been reached for each palette, but there are more to come! Preorders are currently set to close on June 30th, and that $30 price point goes back up to $35 once the collections are live on the site, so head over to Espionage soon!


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