Unicorns And Geek Beauty At Your Fingertips with Espionage Cosmetics

Well, more like ON your fingertips. Espionage Cosmetics, one of our favorite resources for all things pretty and geeky, has found yet another way to bring a beloved franchise into daily wear. Espionage has had the geeky nail wrap market cornered for a while, and to their lineup they have now introduced wraps from The Last Unicorn!

TLU wraps

For those who are already familiar with the concept of nail wraps, but new to the Espionage brand, let me give you a quick summary of their offerings in particular. Espionage’s wraps tend to be a shade thicker than either Sephora’s Formula X or Sally Hansen’s offerings. On the one hand, if you’re used to fudging the fit of the wraps by stretching them into place a smidge, that’s not going to work with these. On the other, I find Espionage’s wraps to be more durable and easier to work with, as you don’t have to worry about tearing the wrap or distorting the image during the application process. Espionage wraps will last just as long (if not longer), and tend to run a couple of dollars less than Sephora brand wraps.

More importantly, Sephora has never given me the chance to put one of my favorite childhood movies on my nails. The two new wrap designs from The Last Unicorn are absolutely lovely! “By the Sea” shows the climactic scene of the unicorns escaping from the ocean (spoilers for a 33-year-old movie, btw). The whitecaps and unicorns’ horns all have an eye-catching sparkle effect that really pops both with and without a top coat.


“Lilac Wood” is a much more subtle print that gives the impression of the Unicorn’s woods from the beginning of the film, with a glittering unicorn silhouette at the base of each nail. Espionage has also used “Lilac Wood” to introduce their new pearl finish. I’ll be honest, I was a little skeptical of the finish when I first saw it in the packaging. You really have to get the wraps out of the plastic and onto your nails to appreciate the new sheen that this finish brings to the product. I wore these for quite a while and numerous compliments.


If you’re a fan of The Last Unicorn, I’d recommend heading over to Espionage Cosmetics now. The wraps haven’t been on the market for long, but they’re going fast! (Pro tip: With Halloween coming up, make sure to check out their “Batty,” “Clive Barker,” or “Burtonesque” wraps. Spooky and gorgeous!)

A quick disclaimer: Espionage provided me with samples of The Last Unicorn wraps to try out, but my opinions are my own.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Use an orange stick to GENTLY push back your cuticles before application. The place where the wraps overlap my cuticles is always the first place to go when my wrap manicure is reaching the end of its life.
  • When possible, choose a size slightly larger than your nail and then trim the wrap to fit before taking it off of the paper.


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