Gal Gadot Amended Her ‘Wonder Woman’ Costume

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot amended her Wonder Woman costume to help her breathe.

The 32-year-old actress – who portrayed the female superhero in 2016’s Batman vs Superman – reprises her role as the titular star in the upcoming DC Comic standalone movie, and has revealed she had the suit adjusted because the racy ensemble was too tight before.

Speaking to the Daily Express newspaper, she said: “The suit that I had in ‘Batman vs Superman’ was not comfortable, I made it very clear that I needed to be able to have some oxygen going through my body so I could shoot the movie. We changed the material, made it bigger and not super-tight. I love the new costume, it’s super strong and sexy at the same time.”

Lynda Carter made the character a feminist icon in the 1970s TV series and wore a similar bodice.

Before fulfilling the role, Gadot was made to swat up on the history of Wonder Woman.

Gadot said: “When I got this part I was sent two boxes filled with comic books and a lot of comic books about Wonder Woman. I’m a nerd. So once I got the job I read a lot.”

Gal is even looking to the possibility of a Wonder Woman sequel, and already has a storyline in mind.

She added: “Who knows whether there will be a second movie but if there is, I’d love to do Wonder Woman set in World War Three. We need her to stop the war! That would be a very relevant story.”

Meanwhile, Gadot recently revealed she wanted to give up acting before she landed the role.

She said: “Being an actress is tough. The amount of rejection you get can be exhausting. It was literally right before I auditioned for ‘Wonder Woman.'”